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Columns with memory

Columns with memory and fixed height

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Columns with memory and  fixed height to mach with our chair plates.
Available in different diameters.
Finish: chrome or powder coated.
Tube length on request (min 130mm)
Upper cone Ø28.

CodeØmm Pipe lengthModelPcs./box
70RCR40-H40on request (min.130)taper50 pcs.
70RCR-H50on request (min.130)taper50 pcs.
70RCR-H-M50on request (min.130)n.1 M1450 pcs.
70RCR-H-3M2150on request (min.130)n.3 M8/2150 pcs.
70RCR60-H60on request (min.130)n.2 M8/3250 pcs.
70RCR80-H80on request (min.130)n.4 M8/6050 pcs.