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Complete and innovative furniture, versatile and functioning, light and easy to move, specific to Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes.

Categoria Hospitality: ARA 4-lag chair in metal tube, BASIC 4 4-leg tube, stackable
ARA 4-leg chair & BASIC 4 4-leg table
Categoria Hospitality: CARINA chair plastic shell chair, IRIS table
CARINA chair & IRIS table
Categoria Hospitality: CYGNUS/W 4 wooden legs chair frame, ROUND Gold table with flat round base with gold painted base
CYGNUS/W chair & ROUND GOLD table
Categoria Hospitality: CYGNUS 4 tapered in metal legs chair frame, VEGA table with 4-leg base
CYGNUS chair & VEGA table
Categoria Hospitality: PAVO/W 4 wooden legs chair frame, LYBRA table with 4-leg base
PAVO/W chair & LYBRA table
Categoria Hospitality: DRACO chair black painted frame in tube, SQUARE table with flat square base
DRACO chair & SQUARE table
Categoria Hospitality-Bistrot: LINE stool – sled base in rod, LYBRA bistrot table with 4-leg base
LINE stool & LYBRA BISTROT table
Categoria Hospitality-Bistrot: GARDA stool 4-leg frame metal tube, IRIS GOLD bistrot table
Bistrot: GARDA stool 4-leg frame metal tube, VEGA bistrot table
GARDA stool & VEGA BISTROT table