Column with memory

memory column fixed height


Memory column fixed height to mach with our chair plates. Available in different diameters. Chrome or powder coated.
Tube length on request (min 130mm.)
Upper cone Ø28.

Code Ø L. pipe version Pcs. box
70RCR40-H 40 on request (min.130) conic 50 pcs.
70RCR-H 50 on request (min.130) conic 50 pcs.
70RCR-H-M 50 on request (min.130) n.1 M14 50 pcs.
70RCR-H-3M21 50 on request (min.130) n.3 M8/21 50 pz.
70RCR60-H 60 on request (min.130) n.2 M8/32 50 pz.
70RCR80-H 80 on request (min.130) n.4 M8/60 50 pz.