Square – Table base


code base AXB mm. central pipe mm. height mm. weight kg. max top mm. MOQ. pcs.
121/1-40-200-38 300x300 Ø40 380 mm 8 kg. 400x400 20
121-50-145-73 380x380 Ø50 720 mm 13 kg. 700x700 20
128-50-145-73 450x450 Ø50 720 mm 17 kg. 800x800 20
128-Q6-145-73 450x450 60x60 720 mm 17 kg. 800x800 20
126-60-145-73 550x550 Ø60 720 mm 24 kg. 1000x1000 10
126-Q6-145-73 550x550 60x60 720 mm. 24 kg. 1000x1000 10
126-Q8-145-73 550x550 80x80 720 mm 24 kg. 1000x1000 10

SQUARE collection is a table base with flat square base available in different dimensions. Central pipe available round: Ø40-50-60-80 mm. or square: 60x60 mm. Finish: bright, brushed stainless steel or powder coated. H. total = 720 mm.

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