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Bamelux was set up in 1963 as a small family business and developed over the years showing its expertise and professionalism in the processing of metals and the manufacture of furniture components, both in Italy and the world over.

The whole manufacturing process, from R&D to the design and the final product, is being carried out at the operating plant and headquarters, stretching on a total area of 27,000 square metres, 4,000 of which covered.


Panoramica produzione - Bamelux s.r.l.


Bamelux is always in close contact with the market and manufactures top-quality products, meeting the requirements of a more and more demanding public and with an eye towards innovation and creativity, demonstrates its experience, constant efforts and reliability.


Thanks to its production and trading flexibility, Bamelux may now count on the leading Companies in this field among its customers.


Photovoltaic plant for a safer and cleaner environment



BAMELUX has chosen to invest in clean energy to give future generations a better environment.





The energy produced by a photovoltaic plant is definitely clean as it derives from a physical phenomenon. No combustion at all and therefore no polluting releases.



Bamelux s.r.l.

Interior and home furniture - salons equipment and furniture - bar furniture - restaurant furniture - components for chairs and tables

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